Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod apk (Unlimited Money) v 1.5.4


Bus Simulator Ultimate, available as a free download from Google Play, lets you experience the thrill of a live bus journey with various modes including the route generator and routing algorithms. You can also opt for a driving sightseeing bus or take a simulated tour around the city. Another mode lets you experience driving your bus through major landmarks in major cities. Bus Simulator Ultimate features many destinations like London, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Bratislava, Riga, Lisbon, Rome, Venice, Warsaw, and Milan.

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The Routes Provided


As you drive along the routes provided, various bus simulator ultimate versions will be shown on the screen. Depending on the game chosen, there are various additional effects such as breakdowns, accidents, weather, special events, luggage lost and so on. The graphics represent a high-end engine, which ensures that you enjoy the game well. The traffic rules are realistic enough so that the users never get stuck in traffic.

Create A Virtual Driving

Bus Simulator Ultimate is one of the best-selling Android applications. Bus Simulator Ultimate is not just about bus simulation but a full-featured Google Maps application as well. The Bus Simulator Ultimate mod Apk contains an extremely large number of simulation techniques which allow you to create a virtual driving school, bus depot, bus terminal, shopping mall, restaurant, and so on.


You can play it either alone or with friends. With the Bus Simulator Ultimate downloads you can also enjoy the realistic gameplay and various scenarios that would love to see in real life.

Offers Several Modes


Bus Simulation Ultimate offers several modes which can be used simultaneously. The first mode offers the basic gameplay, which lets you get to know the bus simulator ultimate controls and how they work. In this mode you will be able to enjoy the slow motion effect and the emergency stop. If you would like to speed up your game, then you can simply increase the traffic values. The traffic values can also be decreased if you prefer to enjoy the slower gameplay.

Major Operating Systems

Bus Simulator Ultimate has been designed for several versions and this version however has been completely revamped and has been made available for users on all three major operating systems. Users of these android devices should download bus simulator ultimate on their devices and enjoy the highly realistic gaming experience.


The Bus Simulation Ultimate download also comes with various scenarios which would allow users to choose the one which they would like to play the most.

New Traffic System

Bus Simulator Ultimate offers a lot of exciting features. Some of these are the following: The official Google Sound Effects. You can enjoy the amazing traffic system that was added to Bus Simulator Ultimate. The new traffic system adds another dimension to the bus simulator ultimate experience.


You can now have the feel of how the passengers would feel as they travel through the traffic system in the Bus Simulator Ultimate. You will also get to hear the sound effects of the new traffic system and enjoy the amazing clarity.

Easily Adjust The Settings


Bus Simulator Ultimate mod allows users to easily adjust the settings for the different types of buses. You can now choose which type of bus you would like to operate and adjust the buttons accordingly. Bus Simulator Ultimate includes a great amount of content including easy controls for easy start-up, operation, complete visual inspection of the bus, passenger information, routes, and the schedule for your destination. There is a new traffic system that has been added to Bus Simulator Ultimate. This is the Google Maps traffic system.


Bus Simulator Ultimate mod also contains the Google Earth image of the major roads in your area as well as several satellite images of various places. You can use these images while you are in the field to observe different weather conditions. You can use the Bus Simulator Ultimate for various tasks such as driving through highways and other tough streets, driving on small and big streets, traveling through the desert or snow-clad areas, flying over cities, exploring new areas, and enjoying the sights. In addition, this mod also provides easy controls for controlling the doors, windows, ramps, and other features of the bus so you would love to have it as part of your mobile game device.


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