DEAD TARGET: Zombie MOD APK Games 3D Free Download For Android

Dead Target is a game developed by Cryptologic, the creators of the famous Counter-Strike and Day Break series of online games. The game is inspired by many Hollywood movies including Kill Bill, Saw, etc. and thus was designed to resemble the action, adventure, thrill, and gripping nature of these movies [February-14-2023].

This game is completely free and you can play it online for free without any registration or membership. If you want to experience the thrilling and gripping nature of Dead Trigger, then download Dead Trigger for free now!

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Deadly weapons

The story of Dead Trigger revolves around a group of high school students who find themselves in possession of a top secret lab that contains highly dangerous weapons. The only person who can access the lab and arm the zombies with the deadly weapons is their science teacher.

However, there are some things that need to be done before the zombie’s attack. The players have to make sure that they complete all quests, collect resources and protect the school from the onslaught of the zombies. With just a few simple but effective tools, the players can ensure that they survive the attack of the zombies and enjoy the combat.

Stock weapons

Dead Trigger is a fully-packed shooting game, in which you have to use various weapons to kill all the zombies and save the school from the dungeon dwellers. There are different types of weapons available, including SMGs (stock weapons), Pistols, strangers, RPGs (rocket-propelled war machines), and much more. The player has to use these weapons in order to kill the zombies and save the school. In order to gain the level up, one has to kill a lot of zombies using various tactics.

Various challenges

You have to complete various challenges before you can proceed to the next level of Dead Trigger, where you will have to clear the dungeon once again and gain entry into the school. There are unlimited weapons available for purchase, which makes this game more exciting.

Free mod installed

If you have bought Dead Trigger, then you do not have to worry about purchasing new weapons, since you will be able to save your money that you will earn during the course of the game. There is also a free mod installed, which enables you to increase the power of the weapons and gain unlimited money.

Fighting Against zombies

The mod apk that you get when you buy Dead Trigger will enable you to purchase the required weapons for the game. These include the SMG, shotgun, laser gun, saw, freeze gun, airsoft rifle, double barrel shotgun and freeze gun. These are all the different types of weapons that you have to use in Dead Trigger, and they are very useful in order to kill off the zombies easily. With these weapons, there is no reason to feel like you are lacking power as there is always a good chance of hitting a zombie with any of these weapons.

Task of killing

Furthermore, there is also another type of free mod available with the original Dead Trigger, which enables the players to make use of a selection of powerful weapons against the zombies in order to score points. Although these weapons are not powerful enough to kill the zombies all by themselves, they certainly help in making your task of killing them much easier.


The free mod also enables gamers to increase the amount of money that they earn throughout the course of the game. With so many options available in this thrilling game, many people find it difficult to put it down, and therefore they are constantly on the look out for exciting content such as this.

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