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DomiNations Mod Apk 10.1100.1101 (Unlimited Gold/Food/Oli/Free Shopping, Max Citizen)

Dominations is actually a very easy game for you to construct your own city and a strong military history. Similar with the development of any other organism or human. Only with a bigger scale of a state. You are likely to start when your territory still has a limited space like a tiny village. You need to build houses, farms and apartments before you can expand. After you have created your first domino structure you can continue on with the expansion of your city.

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City building system

Dominations uses an advanced city building system. Unlike most of the other Civilization games the graphics are very good and detailed. It is almost like having a hobby design program to work with. You can change the graphics in real time with the click of your mouse and the overall gameplay is very nice.

Great leader feature

Dominations features a great leader feature. Unlike in previous editions, you do not have to wait for centuries to see your great leader. You get to see your president every turn and you get to actually give him some orders through the battle boards. The president has a set of tactics which are implemented in the battles. Although, they might not be the best ones, at least you will have an idea about how he would act during the next battle.

Events and scenarios

The expansion brings new events and scenarios. Like the “limited-time powers” and the “national power struggle” events. There are new wonders and technologies available. New events such as “the race for the flag”. Every nation starts at a low level and with some upgrades, they can move on to a higher tier.

Historical background

Dominations has received a lot of negative feedback from its users. Some claim that it’s too simulation-like. Some claim that it doesn’t have enough historical background, while others find it fun to play. Most of the feedback, however, highlights the fact that with enough playtime, gamers will enjoy dominations just as much as they did the first time around. For the new gamers, they get a chance to put to use their creative thinking and strategy skills in dominations battles.


Dominations is now available for a limited time offer at a very low price. But be sure to download the “game domination mod apk” before the offer expires. Enjoy playing dominations, a great strategy and simulation game. Happy gaming.


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