Dragon City Mobile Mod Apk 22.6.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Foods/One-Hit)


If you’re searching for the Dragon City Mobile APK download, you could get it in just a second. Yes, it’s the real Dragon City Mobile APK downloads you could play online. It is a worldwide known game among mobile phone users. It also serves as the best entertainment option for all those who are fond of playing games.

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Features like dragons

In this AOKP mod, you’ll find many exciting features like dragons, villains, PvP arenas and much more. This AOKP mod really makes you feel the excitement of being a hero in this fantastic universe. You can even make money with this amazing AOKP mod. As you can see, dragon city mobile has everything you need. Now, get ready for a journey of a lifetime.

Playing online games

The Dragon City Mobile APK mod really brings joy to those who are fond of playing online games. It’s the ultimate choice if you have an intention to play games. In this amazing Dragon City mobile version, you’ll get to enjoy the thrilling Dragon fights in the background.

Now, you could go anywhere you like and not worry about the enemies knocking you down as there is no such fear in this exciting Dragon City mobile version. You could experience the thrill and adventure of this wonderful Dragon City and get hooked on it within no time.

Playing it right away

Dragon City: Chronicles – Rise of Dragon City on Android will surely be a success once you get your hands on it and start playing it right away. No wonder why this new dragons update was so popular. Players all around the globe love the idea of unlocking dragons and use them for battling other dragons in this amazing game. It’s one of the best and entertaining Facebook games that you can enjoy with your family.

Compared to the original

This Dragon City Mobile Mod version has been improved and now has a lot more features compared to the original version. For example, now there are new dragons to engage in fights with, new story line, new challenges, improved interface and a lot more.

If you have a Facebook tablet or any other tablet PC device, this new mod version is guaranteed to bring hours upon hours of fun. All this and more await you once you get your hands on the Dragon City: Chronicles – Rise of Dragonia on Android. Don’t waste any more time and download the new version now.


There are a total of nine challenging levels in the game and once you beat the challenge, you will earn rewards such as dragon coins, dragon eggs and more. The more you use the dragon eggs in this version of Dragon City Mobile, the more powerful you become. The dragon mod is definitely worth it if you are looking to enjoy Dragon fights in the most thrilling way possible. With the help of dragon eggs, you will even be able to purchase some powerful artifacts for you to help you succeed. Plus, if you want to increase your score, all you have to do is to finish the entire tower without touching the bottom part which means that you need to work on your timing with the taps.

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