Epic Heroes War Apk Super Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Money/Crystals)

Epic Heroes War Apk

Epic Heroes War Apk is an old-school turn-based fantasy role-playing video game (RPG) on steroids. The story of Epic Heroes follows a group of young adventurers that get transformed into creatures-hooded warriors when they discover an ancient magical artifact called the Epoch [February-14-2023].

When darkness overtakes the world, the remaining humans band together to throw off the dragon-lords who threaten to destroy the world. Only those who are strong enough, can wield the powers of the Epoch itself and become a legendary hero.

Epic Heroes: Conquer the Galaxy on Facebook is an old-fashioned type of massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (MMORPG) using the World of Warcraft (WoW) universe.

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Epic Heroes’ war is set in the mystical world of Hyperion, a planet devastated by the war. Your group of heroic epic heroes – equipped with only their own wits and weapons – must fight through hordes of monsters and other players for survival. To top it all, win the ultimate battle against the dragons and the Lich King himself. This free Epic Heroes: Conquer the Galaxy on Facebook Mod is an application for the Facebook version of Epic Heroes.


This Facebook application has been designed to be simple and entertaining. This is because Epic Heroes features real-time decisions involving various heroes. A typical decision-making decision will involve selecting which hero you want to become, based on your knowledge, skill, and personality assessment. There are also some that are optional.

It is highly recommended to utilize all of the optional aspects in this mod, in order to have a more custom gaming experience. The mod also includes a tutorial that teaches you all the basic skills and strategies within a short period of time.


This free Epic Heroes: Conquer the Galaxy on the Facebook mod is extremely addicting. Players won’t need long to play and will find themselves hooked on this fun and engaging game. They’ll love using their individual heroes to do battle and even mix them up in team battles.

The entire interface is very user-friendly, as well as being able to pick from different races. It is easy to learn the interface and controls, as well as the various game modes – all thanks to the extensive video tutorial that can be found in the menu.

Super Bosses

Epic Heroes: Conquer the Galaxy on Facebook allows players to start the game right away. By equipping their unique hero with weapons, abilities, and spells, players must quickly devise an intricate and intriguing strategy to defeat their opponent and emerge as the victor. Although this is a simplistic version of a real-time strategic battle, it still provides a fun alternative to typical PC defense games.


Unlike other online side-scrollers, Epic Heroes: Conquer the Galaxy feels and sounds completely alive. The excellent visual effects combined with the stirring musical score add to the sense of adventure. The randomly generated maps are designed to be highly engaging.

Different quests are available throughout each stage, and some include mini-games such as exploration and puzzle-solving. In short, this online defense game is truly one for fans of classic real-time strategies and card games alike.

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