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From Zero to Hero is an online modification for Facebook. It is also known as City man Online and it will change the way you play Facebook for the better.
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February 7, 2022
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From Zero to Hero is an online modification for Facebook. It is also known as City man Online and it will change the way you play Facebook for the better. This is a free modification that can be enjoyed by anyone who has Facebook. The game offers the player a chance to experience something different from the traditional games that are available on Facebook.

Blends the simple clicker

From Zero to Hero – A free monetized life simulation game that blends the simple clicker mechanics of the traditional with the more advanced features of the social networking platform. Allow users to work productively within the limited time they have and earn money to buy, improve or level up their lives. The hero is a young man with no formal education.

The most wanted man

The city is gradually falling to rack and ruin and your hero must rise to become the most wanted man in the city. From Zero to Hero is designed to offer a free monetized experience for those who want to try the new mod. This mod is compatible with almost all versions of the android devices. However, there are some devices that aren’t supported due to certain compatibility issues.

Achieving a good life

The story revolves around a poor guy who dreams of achieving a good life. But due to financial problems, the hero cityman finds himself zeroed in on a job in a food chain. There, he meets the girl of his dreams and realizes how much money can change one’s life. From Zero to Hero mod, you will be able to purchase weapons, vehicles that will help you take on the various tasks thrown at you and complete the game.

Many positive ratings

From Zero to Hero has been featured by many reviewers and has received many positive ratings. This android life simulation game has a story written by Aaron Davis and drawn by him specifically for the pc. You can play the game either with the mouse or keyboard. You will find many ways to save money throughout the life simulation as you earn cash and buy upgrades for your vehicle, thus improving your score while you are playing.


Some people may be turned off by the story but a great many gamers will be enticed by it. From Zero to Hero has been received positively by most reviewers due to its excellent graphics and the overall quality of the game. You can purchase the game directly from its website for free and can also obtain updates for free. Many users have also been unable to complete the main story, as they were not able to complete the levels that were available to them. This however, shouldn’t be a reason to stop playing the game. The developers have stated that more content will be added in the future.

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