Getting Over It Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) v1.9.4

Getting Over It PC is the latest mod for Facebook that has been made available by Cryptix. The name of the game is taken from the famous song by the American band The Monkees. Getting Over It PC is something that Facebook users will surely love.

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Tallest mountain peaks

Getting Over It PC is like playing the game on Facebook. With the help of this mod, you get to have the kind of experience that you would have when you are climbing the tallest mountain peaks with your friends.

This mod also helps the user get over the fear of heights and getting over it with Bennett Foddy. Apart, from getting over it with Foddy, getting over it with this PC mod also features other popular players like Alex Cross and Jack garden.

Starts the playing

When you install getting over it and on to your Facebook phone, it starts the playing of the game as soon as you open the application. The first screen of the game provides you with directions to get to the top of the game. It is possible only if you use the hammer on the left of the keyboard.

Using the hammer while pressing the right keys will give you different effects. Once you press the left keys, you will see that you are on the top of the peak.

Stairs and the area with water

The next screen that appears will guide you to the area with stairs and the area with water. It shows you two options – one of them with stairs and the other one with water. Going ahead with getting over it all, the other option will be shown too.

This gives you options like climbing up to a helicopter and flying away or you can simply go for the walkway. If you want to go for the walkway, you will have to make sure that the chosen frame rate is at least sixty frames per second otherwise the gameplay will become boring.

Shortcut on the screen

After getting over it apk file, the next step is getting into the main menu and starting the game from the main menu. A shortcut on the screen will help you to start the game. If you like, you can change the settings such as music, volume and other features such as the difficulty of the game.

It is possible only if you install getting over it a file on your Facebook phone. The changes are saved automatically once you save the game. This is why it is recommended to download it from Google Play, as the apk file there will enable smooth functioning of the application.

Levels in this game

There are various levels in this game, and the more difficult ones will require more skills to complete them. The first level requires getting over it apk before you select the next level. Some people find it easier to complete the various levels by their own efforts while others prefer to let the developers guide them.

Many people who have downloaded the game find it much better than those who have installed the Facebook platform. It is a good alternative to the Facebook Tower, as it does not require installation of the social networking site on the mobile device.

Designed to provide

There are several versions of the tower available, and all are designed to provide the same basic features. Those who prefer to play getting over it on PC need not worry as there are versions for both systems available. For those who prefer to play the HTC Wildfire or any other touch screen mobile phone, the versions for the mobiles are available as well.

You will also get to know about many new features once you download the HTC Wildfire to your mobile device. The tutorials that help you with the various levels and use of the HTC Wildfire have been made extremely easy to follow.


Many users have been quick to download and install getting over it apk on their android devices. Those who play getting over it on the PC or the iPhone, however, must be content with using the free version to get by. The free version has limited access to the files and does not give the user full freedom of the application. Those who need to play getting over it on the PC or the iPhone, however, will need to pay a small one time fee to gain access to the full version of the program. Those who download and install getting over it apk on their mobiles are well advised to pay the small fee that accompanies the software to ensure that they do not expose their device to security risks.


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