Granny Mod Apk 1.7.9 (God Mode) Download


Are you one of those who invest most of their time in playing horror games then you are in the best situation of the moment as you have reached of the sport where there is one of the horror games named Granny. Granny Mod apk is an indie survival horror video game that was founded by Developer. For the first time, it was released on 24th Nov 2017. [February-14-2023]


The android devices later on after a few days its next version appeared that was introduced for IOS on 11 Dec 2017. The appears with the scene the play walk through the forest and attract by Granny. The player get up and looking around feel themselves in the abed an unknown room.

they have been trapped in a shabby room. Their player feels that he has no option to escape from the mysterious room except keeping, calm, and cool. The player feels in spite of all the horror. the player will have to show peace. They have been locked by Granny. Who was in the disguise of.

She is a mad old woman always in search of hunting her prey. The evil soul is always hungry and continuous for her prey. She makes her sense awake to hunt. The situation of the room appears to clear the personality of the owner of the house who always feels thirsty for sucking the blood of the people whom she has trapped.`

The player in the room finds the message written by Granny’s last victim. It was a silent message that you only five days to rescue yourself. The message was written in blood. the player will have to get help from the thing present in the room.

They are not helpful for any help as Granny’s is situated in the lonely and for off forest Granny, the monster is like a nightmare.


You have no chance to escape and save your life. If you fail to save yourself from this crazy old lady. You have five days so, you will have to start your attempt to run away as soon as possible. But the problem rest here as Granny has so powerful hearing that if you make even bottlenose, you will be the meal of the monster of the moment.

The player will have the alert to avoid making any noise. In case you try to free yourself, you will have to gain help from the things in the room. If Granny listens to the voice made by you, you should be hiding in the clapboard or under the bed. It all depends on player intelligence whether they succeed to escape themself or forced to live forever.

Granny dark and mysterious house. If the player gets succeed within five days, and they are among the luckiest person to live free forever otherwise, will be killed by Granny.

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Granny Mod Apk Download

Features of Granny Mod apk


  •  All the scenes show hopelessness as there are a dark atmosphere and no chance of attractive color or live to appear there. That can create any hope for the victim
  •  The sound effect and music in the game develop suspense of fear. The sound of the steps, broken mirror, and noise of door all this keep the player alert and let from sleep.
  • Time limit to save lives and a chance to live anymore is only for five days, otherwise, be ready to be eaten by crazy monster rooming the house

How To Play Granny Mod  Apk

Granny Mod Apk is the most thrilling and mysterious game has become so, famous among the game lovers who are fond of horror game that is why the game has millions of downloads. It is 54 MB and takes a few seconds for installing. If you want to install the game and play. Let me tell you to follow the following step

  •  Use the search bar, start typing Granny.
  • choose Dvloper from the batch of the game as only it is the original form
  • Click on install and there will you need a minute or few.



As I suggest playing the game so, I like to include the game in the words. The game is full of thrilling horror. The game is a good activity for activity children for protecting to escape from any danger. They have to face the fear from their minds may be vanished by facing the scary force of Granny keeping in view the positive effect of the game, the children can get the chance to rescue themselves from the situation like that of the game or resembling it.

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