Heroes Infinity Mod Apk 1.36.14 (Unlimited Gold/Diamond)

Heroes Infinity Mod Apk is an exciting online free RPG with turn-based and real-time RPG elements. Set in the fascinating world of ancient Greece, in this exciting role-playing game you will experience an intricate fantasy universe ruled over by a mysterious, powerful God-king [February-14-2023].

Take control of your character and wage eternal war against all those who oppose you! Wage-pitched battles on land and sea as you battle your way through the land while struggling to stay one step ahead of your fellow players. Whether you’re looking for a deep, long-term story or something simple and fast-paced, Heroes Infinity promises to be an experience you’ll never forget!

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Additional Information

App Name Heroes Infinity
Publisher ApkMod
Genre Action
Size 264 MB
Latest Version 1.36.14
MOD Info Unlimited Gold/Diamond
Price Free
Get it On Google Play
Update January 18 2023 (1 Days ago)The underlying mechanics

The underlying mechanics of the game are very simple and easy to understand. In a nutshell, the entire game system is built around a handful of core classes which include the typical warlock, warrior, mage, thief, and wizard. Each of these classes has different strengths and weaknesses, and can further be broken down further into specific roles like ‘cleric’, ‘warder’, and ‘mage’.

Each of these classes is further split into specific skills, and while each of them can be played in its own way, the ultimate strategy for playing each of these characters in the game will center around using the right combination of skills to achieve the most effectiveness in each battle. Because of this, players are encouraged to think carefully about how each skill they choose will work in the hands of their characters.

Another fundamental aspect

Another fundamental aspect of the game deals with the various modes in which the game is played. There are various game modes including Story mode, Endless mode, and Multiplayer mode. Story mode is designed mainly as a means of immersing players in the exciting world of heroes infinity mod apk.

Here, players control one of their favorite characters from the gods of mythology and form a team of other players to do their best to bring the Demigods back to earth. The only problem is that the protagonist you control can die at any time during this mode. When this happens, the rest of your team needs to rally and find another character, or continue on if they don’t have anyone to call on.

Enables players

The endless mode in the game enables players to go through the game as many times as they want to without any limitations. This makes it perfect for players who enjoy playing with more than one character, and who want to test out all their abilities before going it alone.

There are several game modes available including versus play, where you fight against waves of opponents. There are also the coop battle and the free for all battle, where players try to eliminate each other using their special skills to score points. The heroes infinity mod apk leaderboard is also present in these game modes, where players can see who is the most powerful in the game.

Party of characters

Of course, with an RPG gameplay, you have to manage a party of characters, and there are numerous characters to manage in the heroes infinity mod apk. Each character comes with its own skills and weapon, and you have to use them wisely in order to win the battle. The hero spells that players obtain can be used to turn the tide of battle in your favor, but if they are used too much they can be devastating.

To counter this, players need to keep on using their strongest weapons and skills, and they are also rewarded with the destruction of their enemies. Those who are good in battle, can get rewarded with the possession of magical artifacts which grant them special abilities, and even more powerful weapons.


All of these features combined lead to the very addictive nature of heroes infinity mod apk. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of players at once enjoying the game. The graphics and audio features are both well done, and they have successfully managed to combine a traditional strategy game with a fresh new concept. The controls of the gameplay are easy to learn and understand, and players can enjoy hours of exciting gaming sessions with their friends thanks to the various options they have to choose from.


Q: How do I get my Heroes Infinity codes?

You need to redeem the codes on www.gameloft.com/redeem, but you must have a GameLoft Account to activate the code. If you don’t have one, simply click on “Create an account” and fill in your details. Then click on “Redeem.” When asked, enter your code.

Q: What are the gameplay mechanics of Heroes Infinity?

Each character has its own set of skills, ranging from magical spells to physical attacks. Using these skills to fight monsters will not only prevent your HP from falling, but you’ll also earn gold, which is used for purchasing items at the shop using gems or real money. You can also upgrade weapons with gems or gold to make it stronger.

Q: Who developed Heroes Infinity?

Heroes Infinity was developed by Lightmare Studios as a collaboration between Tencent Games (the developer of League of Legends in China) and Riot Games. What platforms does it support?

Q. I have a question about the game, who can I ask?

Here you can ask anything related to the game: rules, release information, rewards, and more! We’ll do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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