Horrorfield MOD APK (All Characters, Unlimited Money) 1.4.12

Horrorfield Apk

The award-winning iPhone and iPad game Horrorfield has been updated to include all-new levels. The new FREE Horrorfield Mod Apk version (no ads, unlimited money, unlocked + no ads for iPhone) of Horrorfield is now available for download from CraveOnline.

The FREE Horrorfield Mod Apk version of the original game of Horrorfield is a stand-alone game that players can seamlessly connect with their existing iPhone or iPad and start playing instantly. Once you begin your journey through the dark alleys and dark places of Horrorfield, you’ll find yourself lost in the center of it all, looking for help [February-14-2023].

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Choose Your Side

Horrorfield APK The first thing you will notice when entering the game is that there are several different ways to play the same levels. Each level will have its own unique mod menu apk containing its own set of content. The mod menu apk contains a large list of icons that can be dragged and dropped to move objects around the level, as well as the ability to use the mouse for more precise movements. In addition to the standard list of items, the mod menu also includes a “search” icon that lets you search for specific items.

Repair Generators To Escape

You can choose to play the game as an “infected patient” or a “freedom fighter”. The two-player split-screen mode offers split-screen viewing and is supported on almost all android devices including the HTC Wildfire. If you would like to play as a freedom fighter, you’ll find that you have two options. One way is to simply enter the building and attempt to find your way around, while the other way is to jump right in and start rescuing patients. When playing as an infected patient, you’ll find that you have limited weapons and that you’ll need to rely on your powers, your actions, and your tools for survival. Horrorfield APK download You will find that the game is not only set in a single place, but it features a number of different environments and settings. Two of the environments include the medical facility and the prison. The medical facility is a clear nod to the horror genre with rooms of blood and gore. However, when you are inside the prison, you are in control of a group of infected and fearless survivors who you must assist in beating back the monsters. Both of these are fully fleshed out in their respective Android versions, so you can truly feel like you are part of the action.

Craft Weapons And Armor

Horrorfield mod APK The online features of the game allow you to connect with other players over the Internet for a variety of real-time games including co-op and versus play. The Android version of the Horrorfield Mod Apk has a few extra bonuses. You can download the Horrorfield multiplayer survival game mod apk completely free of charge. It also comes with a collection of bonus content such as backgrounds, sounds, boss battle arenas, and more for free.


You do not have to pay any money in order to enjoy the exciting adventures of the horror mod game. The premium-enabled version of the game features five unique maps that are sure to make your gaming experience even more thrilling. As an added feature, the premium version allows you to jump into the action solo or head-to-head with another player. You will even be able to download two additional episodes of the premium-featured horror movie franchise: “The Shape” and “The Purge.”

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