Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Indian Train Simulator NAVIGRAN is an application that offers a true to life simulation of Indian trains. It has several interactive features and allows users to customize the scenery. This is one of the best computer games that you could get for your children.

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Many Interesting Features

As compared to the other apps, Indian Train Simulator APK has many interesting features and is easy to use. For example, you could add or remove locomotives at the correct time without restarting the game. Also, Indian Train Simulator NAVIGRAN offers the feature of track changing.

You could choose from different landscape and zoom in/out the view. Besides this, Indian Train Simulator APK offers the feature of allowing you to switch between the different graphics modes.

Facility To Customize

Apart from these, it offers the facility to customize the screen with various features and adding/removing locomotives. It also has many interesting and exciting photo modes that let you take photos of beautiful places and zoom in/out using your camera angles.

This makes it most-loved and popular Indian Train Simulator mod. It’s interesting photo modes such as Scenery, Static, and Cityscapes our most-loved by its users.


If you want to purchase this most-loved and popular Indian Train Simulator mod, you need to download it through Google play store. After downloading, open the APK file then install it. It will require a reboot after installation. Allow the program to run properly. This is the most convenient and functional way to enjoy the India Train Simulator experience.

Exciting Free Gifts

However, if you don’t like downloading it through Google Play, you could also purchase this in the Windows or Mac stores. It comes with several exciting free gifts such as animated background, free wallpapers, and sounds. Moreover, users could also find many bug fixes and performance improved.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is not a full version of the original, but it comes very close. So, if you are looking for an authentic version of the Indian train simulator mod apk, then look no further than this version.

Both Offer Their Benefits

Although the major difference between the standard and the modified version is the price, both offer their benefits. In the standard version, gamer need to purchase the software license every time he wants to play the game.

On the other hand, the modified version costs $50, but the benefits are lifetime downloads of the game, along with all the free gifts. Another advantage offered by the gamer is that he can unlock more attractive features after buying the modified version.

Instruction Video

The downloaded file of this Indian trains mod apk is the actual game, which has been modified and offers more exciting options. It does not need any downloads or driver installation process. Furthermore, the gamer need not be tech savvy to install the program because it comes in an easy-to-follow video instruction guide.

In the instruction video, the gamer would be able to see the entire procedure of the installation step by step. He would also be able to find any technical support that would answer any queries that his doubts.


The software package enables the gamer to design, build, and personalize the layout of the layout. This is possible because of the number of stations available for the users. These include Delhi Duttanakhi, Srinagar Dholefa, Andal Pradesh Durability, Jammu & Kashmir Zainabadi, Shimla Zainabadi, Kullu Shashti, Nainital City, Kodaikanal, and many more.

After selecting the best layout, the gamer can then enter his name in the user ID and password to activate the application. After that, he can then enjoy playing the game, which includes planning and creating the Indian trains with the help of the design of his choice.



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