Reddit MOD APK 2022.7.0 for Android

Reddit mod apk

Reddit is a website where topics on different subjects are organized into communities. Anyone can start up a Reddit account. From there, start off by what you enjoy and then move on from there. There are literally 100K active users to choose from. Joining your favourite communities will make a constant, customised feed of fresh content such as news, funny stories, cool games, internet trends, and top Memes, among others.

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Search engine

Reddit has grown from a simple web search engine where you could find answers to any question you have, into a social networking website where you can meet and connect with millions of users from all over the world.

They currently have three different platforms for Android use, Reddit app, r/ Reddit and Snypost. All these platforms are free for all users. In this article you will learn how to install an Reddit android app on your smartphone or tablet.

Looks quite nice

The official Reddit app for android looks quite nice. It has a clean, simple and easy to navigate interface. When you tap on the Reddit logo at the bottom of the screen you will be taken to a login page where you can see your user names, passwords and profiles.

From there, you can search, browse and post new comments, posts and replies. In addition, you can see which celebrities are following your favourite topics.

Application access

You need to grant your Reddit application access to the Reddit database for it to function properly. This is done by going to your user settings and clicking on the Reddit app. You can then scroll down to the Redditositories tab and tap the + sign next to the database link. You will then see a screen prompting you to accept the installation of the Reddit application.

Click on the Install button and you will then see the Reddit application will now prompt you to restart your phone or tablet for the changes to take effect.

Application installed

Now that you have the Reddit application installed on your smartphone or tablet you will notice a few different changes. The first change that you will notice is that it loads your default white color theme.

The background on the Reddit app has been replaced with a darker orange one, which gives the application a much more professional look. The Reddit logo on the icon and the footer of the app have also been changed to better match the layout of the handset.

Major difference

The second major difference that you will notice when trying to use your Reddit application on your handset is that you will be prompted to log in using your user name and password you have set during the installation process. It is possible that you may not be familiar with the new user name and password prompts as they are different from the default.

However, you should easily be able to type them in. You will also notice that you no longer see the Reddit logo on your default home screen or on the start-up menu on your tablet. This is a minor change but one that you will appreciate especially if you like making your Reddit browsing experience more convenient.

Smartphone or tablet

The final major difference you will find when browsing Reddit on your smartphone or tablet is that the Reddit application allows you to sync your settings and account with your Reddit account. This means that when you browse Reddit on your smartphone or tablet you will be able to see all of your logged-in content, favorite posts and other information as it appears on Reddit.

This is a great way to access your account if you need to quickly see whether or not something posted has been approved. It also helps you make sure that you are only seeing the content on Reddit that you can approve of. If you wish to post any controversial content you will be able to do so through the Reddit mod apk.


Reddit has been one of the most popular news sharing and browsing platforms on the internet. Because of its popularity many developers have created an assortment of different applications that work from your smartphone or tablet. The Reddit application is currently the best one for those who wish to use their Android device as a Reddit reader. If you would like to try Reddit in a mobile format I recommend trying the Reddit Mod apk.

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