Super Mario Run Apk 3.0.24 Download Latest for Android

Super Mario Run Apk

Super Mario Run is a completely new version of the very old Super Mario world that has taken the technology beyond what we have ever known it to another whole new level. Super Mario Run is very much like the classic Super Mario games that we all grew up playing, it is a platform adventure game in which you have to jump, run and conquer everything in order to save the princess from King Koopa and also to defeat every enemy and obstacle in your way. The game comes with its own set of features that are available when you play Super Mario Run as well as its many add-on packs. These are Super Mario World, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Party [February-14-2023].

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In Super Mario Run as well as in its many versions, you have to collect stars to progress through the game. These stars can be collected by doing certain tasks in different levels within Super Mario Run. Each level has something called power pellets, these allow Mario to jump higher and change his course. Power pellets can only be collected when you are on top of a Hill or upon passing a brick.

World Tour

Super Mario Run features five different worlds in which you can travel through and battle against each other. If you happen to cross paths with another character or run into an obstacle, you will lose a coin. Also, when you lose a coin you must restart at that same level, so you really have to keep an eye out for those coins. Coin collecting is one of the best parts of Super Mario Run, as he continuously runs forward through levels collecting more coins along the way.

Toad Rally

There are also many features that Super Mario Run offers that the original version did not have. One of these is the Super Mario Advance pack, this pack featured several new games including Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario World, which is a bundle of ten games. With the Super Mario Advance pack, you get the Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario World games for free. The Super Mario Advance pack also includes the classic Super Mario Land, which is a new version of the popular Japanese game.

Kingdom Builder

The Super Mario Run mod also offers a unique mode known as Vs. Super Mario where you take on the role of a select group of characters. You have to earn stars for every level you complete and the goal is to collect as many stars as possible. You also have a chance to gain power-ups which allows you to defeat your enemies and make them go airborne, you also get the ability to freeze opponents and pull them towards you, and you get to pick which coins are yours. The power-ups are not always available at all times so you really have to make sure you collect the most stars to have a chance to use them.


When it comes down to it, the Super Mario Run is one of the best and most innovative games that you can play on the Android Market at the moment. Not only does it offer an addictive and fun experience but also provides you with an endless source of childhood memories. I can still remember the first time I downloaded Super Mario Run, it took me several hours to die and launch into another world. If you have yet to download Super Mario Run here is your opportunity to do so and help your child develop their hand-eye coordination. Super Mario Run is an application that is worth recommending to everyone who is an Android user.

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