The Secret Society MOD APK v1.45.7500 (Unlimited Money)

The Secret Society Mod Apk

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App Name The Secret Society Mod Apk
Publisher ApkBix
Genre Adventure
Size 130M
Latest Version 1.45.7500
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Developer G5 Entertainment
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Requires 4.2 and up
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Updated  January 18, 2023 (1 Day ago)

Different game modes

The Secret Society is an international group of individuals who have the unique ability to pass through strange mystical worlds, discover hidden things & objects, & solve puzzles without telling anyone about it. The Secret Society has a number of different names based on different areas where its members reside or have locations. One such place is The Secret Society of the International Order of The Solitaire. The Society operates in over 100 countries worldwide. The memberships of The Secret Society are believed to be limited only to women.

The Secret Society operates in the belief that everyone has the power to shape-shapes & design reality around them using hidden secrets. The memberships are thought to be mostly women who live in small towns or who have very feminine occupations such as teachers, nurses, governesses, housewives, office workers, and mothers. The most common tasks that are thought to be done by Secret Society members include creating virtual worlds using special computer programs that allow members to “live” in different time zones and solve riddles and puzzles using special tools such as telepathy, precognition, etc. The virtual world created by The Secret Society is referred to as The World.


The Secret Society operates many secret societies or guilds & their own hidden object scenes, each featuring its own puzzles and riddles that need to be solved in order to progress further in the game. For example, The Aquarium Secret Society features underwater treasure hunts and undersea bases where valuable objects can be found. In the game The Secret Society: City of Secrets, there are also hidden object scenes underwater that players have to solve. The Iron Mountain Secret Society features a number of missions for the player to choose from such as searching the city for missing scientists and interns and also the Iron Mountains. The game The Secret Society: Maximum Risk features a hidden object quest where the quest giver is tasked to find and photograph a certain number of objects while avoiding detection from guards who are protecting the area. Society can also be mentioned in the novel The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, where it can be mentioned that the society exists in the future known as the ‘Singularity’.

The Secret Society has been a popular hidden object game since the early days of the game’s conception. The mod was re-developed for the PC in the year 2021 and is free to download and play. The Secret Society features a unique inventory system, where items dropped by enemies can be picked up and stored for later use by the adventurer. The inventory system also allows players to buy and sell items using the auction house. However, this feature has been heavily restricted and only available on certain platforms of The Secret Society Mod.

The Secret Society: The DaVinci Code, developed by Access Software is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock additional bonuses via in-app purchases within the game. However, you may disable in-app purchases within your device settings. The Secret Society: The DaVinci Code is not compatible with smartphones or tablets. The compatibility notes can be found here.

The Secret Society: The DaVinci Code features five main episodes, each featuring one mystery location. The episodes include ‘The Locket”, “The Abduction”, “The Mystery Museums”, “The Grandfather” and “The Bride”. The story begins with an eight-year-old orphan named Vincent, who lives in a small town called Abingdon. One day, Vincent’s friend, Will makes a visit to the home of his recently deceased grandmother. During the visit, Vincent sees a girl run off with a man named Alex, who works as a consultant for a research firm.

The storyline immediately takes place in Italy during World War II. The story revolves around an investigation that has been started on the whereabouts of a missing German ship. As part of the investigation, two agents are sent to The Locket, where they meet and work alongside two men who belong to The Secret Society – Dr. Isaac and Dr. David. The couple succeeds in recovering a portion of the German ship’s treasure – which turns out to be a whole ton of top-secret Nazi gold objects. These objects are used by the organization to construct machines that will help them in their nefarious plans.


The Secret Society: The DaVinci Code is quite popular among Facebook users. The game provides fun challenges for players to solve while unlocking new parts of the story as they complete each episode. It also features several different types of challenges, ranging from puzzle style, memory, brainteasers, and brainteasers that need multiple clues to be solved. Plus, if you play The Secret Society: The DaVinci Code on Facebook, you’ll be able to find more information about the game on the official Facebook site. The official site even includes some fun ways to find hidden object games, including how players can get free games, download The DaVinci Code for free, and get free gifts when you play The Secret Society: The DaVinci Code on Facebook.

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