Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Score/VIP)


Enjoy the latest version of the Vegas crime simulator mod. Get the latest version of this game, which is free. The mod gives you the most realistic experience of Las Vegas, and you can choose to play it on the web or download it to your computer. It has been downloaded by thousands of users. Enjoy the free version, with the added feature, if you want. There are no extra charges if you want to download the mod to your computer.

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Free Version Of Vegas Crime Simulator

Enjoy the most amazing free version of Vegas Crime Simulator. Get the latest version of the game, which is absolutely free and gives you all the exclusive features of the original.


The game is available for free download on the Android Market. Get the latest version of the mod, which is perfect for mobile devices, compatible with all types of smart phones, including the Google Android smart phone.

Earn Money

You can use your favorite android phone to enjoy the free version of Vegas crime simulator mod apk. You can earn money while playing the game. If you like to play the casino games on the internet then this version of the game is just perfect for you.


You can also use the internet to find and shop the latest version of the mobile phones. You can also earn money while playing the game and using your android phone.

Download It On Your PC

To enjoy the free version of Vegas crime simulator mod apk, first you have to download it on your PC. Select the option of download the latest version of the game.


After installing it on your PC, connect it to your android phone through any USB cable and enjoy the fun. Enjoy playing the mod completely free of cost. You can cash in your points and buy the latest version of the game.

Types Of Weapons

The mod offers different types of shooting scenes. You can choose from two types of weapons, which are the handguns and the sniper rifles. These weapons have their own limitations and can only be used in specific situations.


You can select any type of weapon and use them according to the given missions. You can either complete the mission successfully or save your shot and try again later.


In the free downloadable version of the Vegas Crime Master, you have to accomplish different missions to advance to the next level. There are also a lot of challenges that will make you feel the excitement as you proceed further.


The challenges are a part of the full game to play, where you will be helped whenever you face difficulties in the gameplay. As you advance to new levels of the crime simulator, you will also be provided with new weapons, ammunition and get better knowledge about the gameplay of the game.

Download Free Of Cost

It is available for free download on the Android Market. It is available in the enhanced and modified version. You can download it free of cost and can experience the real life simulation with the help of this fantastic application.

The only thing you need to do is to find an authentic download site of the Android Market and you can start enjoying the gaming benefits. Apart from the free version, the paid version has unlimited gems, advanced graphics and high quality sound.


The free version has limited ammo and only few types of weapons, but the paid version has unlimited money and a wide variety of weapons including the sniper rifles. In the free version only the ammunition of the weapon is used, while in the paid version you can purchase the whole armory including the sniper rifles and machine guns.

So, if you are planning to play the Vegas crime simulator, make sure that you install the latest version of the mod, which is available in the market.


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