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Critical Ops Apk (MOD, Unlimited Bullets) v1.30.0.f1684 Free Download

Critical Ops is an intense third-person shooter (FPS) video game developed and released by Critical Force LLC. It was initially released for Open Alpha on September 2021 and was in closed beta until the final version was launched in November of that year. The developers are planning to launch the final major update (v5) on a weekly basis thereafter. Currently, the game has received numerous positive ratings from both PC gaming magazines and reviews online and was rated as one of the best shooters on the market by PC magazines. For those who are unaware of Critical Ops, here is some information regarding the game [February-14-2023].

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First person shooter

Critical Ops mod apk is a first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by an independent studio named Critical Fuel. The game is played in first-person view and the player assumes the role of a private in the military unit called “The Callonics”.

Players take on the role of supporting protagonist Private Walker as he fights against a group of terrorists that intend to use the mysterious box technology for their own purposes. The storyline revolves around a story regarding a top secret military project that goes awry when one of its members leaks vital data to the wrong people.

Thinking of playing

If you are thinking of playing a FPS game that is all about realism and has a dark mood to it then Critical Ops has the right game for you. The storyline of Critical Ops are fast paced and dramatic. It depicts a mission in which private Walker is sent to secure a location after it is attacked by terrorists.

Although the storyline is serious, the game is loaded with humor throughout as players get to enjoy the funny moments as they guide their character through the environment. The hero’s journey is highlighted by the seamless multiplayer mode that lets the players collaborate with each other in four-player split screen mode.

players to choose

There are various game modes in the game as well that allows the players to choose the kind of game they want to play. In the host private matchmaking mode, players can choose to play Critical Ops Rogue or Critical Ops Chronicles. Hosted versus online or split screen modes are the classic way of playing Critical Ops and it is available in both Xbox Live Arcade version and the Xbox 360 version of the game.

The player can easily switch between them at any time using the switch profiles button present on the controller. In addition to these game modes, there are also some interesting challenges and objectives in the game that make them even more interesting and fun.

Screen multiplayer mode

The split screen multiplayer mode in Critical Ops has interesting objectives and challenges that help players use their brain while playing. The objective based game modes are divided into two types, as they are the timed and non-timed versions. The timed mode has limited number of lives but every life helps the player to complete one challenge or another.

The challenges involve gun jamming, vehicle kills and other tasks that really test the players’ skills. On the other hand, the non-timed game modes have lesser number of lives but it comes with unlimited waves of enemies. These waves make the game more challenging as well as exciting.


There are several weapons and power-ups available for the players in the game as well. Each of them gives a different level of power and increases the players’ ability in fighting. Most of these power-ups are not available in the single player version of the game, so those who are really competitive may not find them very useful. But they are quite enjoyable and give an extra challenge to the players with their different abilities. There are a variety of weapons and power-ups available for the player in critical of, and they increase the fun and excitement in playing the game.


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