Design Home: Real Home Decor Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) free Download 2022

Design Home is a free online 3D animation game by the makers of The Sims. It is a high-end app, accessible for free via Google Play Store. If you enjoy 3D games, then you’ll love this app. It gives the user a chance to create their very own home design and play with various elements such as color, furniture, wallpaper and more [February-14-2023].

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Game Play

Design Home is not a stand alone app, but a part of The real home decor mod apk game which is available separately. A player can purchase a Design Home for real money or use the in-app purchases to unlock certain features. You can purchase the Design Home for real money either through Google Play or iTunes. However, if you don’t want to pay any money, you can get the Design Home and instead which requires no money to buy.

Generate exciting and unique home designs

Design Home uses the concept of Rubik’s cube to allow players to generate exciting and unique home designs. Once a room is generated, the cubes in that room are rearranged in order to form new rooms. As you continue to rotate and change the cube, it will generate new designs and patterns. Eventually, the game offers unlimited access to thousands of designs that unlock additional rooms and features.

Unlimited design of  real home decor mod apk

You can purchase the Design Home APK or get design home real home décor mod apk unlimited money and a diamond version. Either one will grant you unlimited design power and let you edit and submit your designs unlimited times. When you start the app, it will prompt you to input your initial layout. You can change the layout using the handy toolbar or by dragging and dropping items from your desktop or the Android Task Manager.

Features Real Home Decor Mod Apk Android

After changing the layout, it will ask if you want to import your existing furniture designs. If you do, you can browse through them and find the ones you like. Each item comes with a description, so you can read what it does and how it works. As you make changes to the design, the furniture will also change. You can swap out different furniture to change the overall feel of the room.

The latest version of Real Home Decor  Apk

The mod apk version will be less expensive and you can transfer your existing decorations from your PC or the mobile phone to your iphone.

The mod apk version allows you to decorate rooms, landscape and add a number of decorations. You can use all the items, including the diamonds, but you won’t earn any money during play. The only way to earn money is by purchasing decorations for your rooms in the app.

Ending Line

If you like them and decide to purchase them, you can move into the next level of the game which offers a brand new house with many new features. Design Home has all the basic features that make it a very easy and addictive game, but it also gives you the chance to feel like you’re part of something big, with a gorgeous landscape to explore.

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