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High School Gang Apk 1.0.6 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Prepare yourself to join your delinquent high school persona in his bid to rule the campus and be the leader of the crew. Feel free to act as the cool teen in mobile games and action RPG, while you happily play as the cool kid in your very own customizable game. Unleash your inner gangster with an exclusive high school gang outfits and cool school supplies. Become a full-fledged gangster with full access to all the illegal activities that will further fuel your persona and build on your powers of violence [February-14-2023].

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Twisted world

The dark, twisted world of gangster life has evolved into interactive social lives with thrilling mafia wars and exciting shootouts. Your mission is to start off as a novice gangster and rise through the ranks to become a full-fledged criminal mastermind. The multi-player action game offers free mixing and matching of gear, clothing, and facial expressions.

Various online community features help friends share tips, hints, and secrets. Compete with fellow students in this fully customizable, mafia wars style game and prove your superiority through the different challenges that keep you on the right path to success.

Online action

Introducing five new players to the world of online action games, High School Gang Wars is a highly entertaining and addicting game for all. The addictive element is brought about by the fact that players have to work together as a team to take down rival gangs using new tactics and weapons devised during their weekly meetings.

The five starting areas are named after actual high schools in New York including the Diablosport High School, Bronx High School, McKinley High School, and South High School. Players can switch from one area to another as per their convenience by choosing from a selection of eight environments to be terrorized in.

Great deal

This thrilling game has a great deal of content that could easily keep you glued to the keyboard for hours on end. If you are fond of taking risks in your online ventures, then the High School Gang Wars mod apk is the perfect choice for you. If you feel that you are not skilled enough to handle real life aggressive situations, then perhaps High School Gang Wars is not the best option for you.

Criminal organizations

This incredible mod enables you to wage a war against all criminal organizations across the city using your own brutal fighting tactics. It also provides a number of challenging achievements and bonuses that make the game even more interesting and engaging. One such example includes the chance to buy an authentic stainless steel neck tattoo parlor.

This tattoo shop can be found right near the subway station in the Lower East Side and has the ability to grant every player access to their private studio. So if you want to get that dream body, then it is time you took out your Metal Detectors and High School Gangsters high school gang mod apk.

Violent crime

The violent crime element of the High School Gang Wars game requires the usage of a metal detector. You are required to use this device in order to uncover evidence of a crime which may be taking place in one of the many crime scenes spread all over the city.

If you successfully complete the task of locating and scanning a target location, you will earn money and XP. On higher levels of the game, you will also be able to afford an authentic high school gangsta tattoo.

Offers users

High School Gang Wars offers users the ability to play free downloadable content which is called the Free Roam mode. In this mode, you and your gang members can roam freely without any restrictions. You can travel all over the city and meet various locals and criminals alike. You can even do jobs for them in exchange for the services that you will be doing for them later on.


In order to help your gangster friends earn respects and money in this game, you need to play High School Gang Wars which is available for you to download for free. This game features a great storyline about a group of teenagers who travel to a school to fight a rival gang.

You can choose to be either a bad guy or a good guy during your playtime. You can even recruit some local people to your crew who will help you along your way. You can use 3D glasses to see through thick walls and hide behind objects during your fights.


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