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The new Kamen Rider movie City of Giants opens this weekend and what many people are not aware of is the fact that the film will feature the long awaited Kamen Rider: City of Giants.
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July 29, 2021 (2 months ago)
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The new Kamen Rider movie City of Giants opens this weekend and what many people are not aware of is the fact that the film will feature the long awaited Kamen Rider: City of Giants. The movie itself is an exciting sequel to the successful Kamen Rider: New Kamen Rider series. And the movie City of Giants is actually the third film in the Kamen Rider: City of Heroes series. We here at Kamen Rider Reviews hope that by the time you finish reading this article you will be more familiar with the plot of the film and how the Kamen Rider: City of Giants plot ties into the other two films.

Unique power

The story of Kamen Rider: City of Giants revolves around six young men who have a very unique power; they can summon and command their own super powerful creatures called Kamen Riders. They are called “Kamen” which stands for” summoned” or “riders”.

One of their unique powers is that they can control various other things like weather, wind and even gravity. These six young men, named Katsu, Ryokan, Gingka, Kabot and Kairi have to protect their city called Vestoria from the Bakugan.


The story begins when a mysterious Kamen Rider named Agito appeared before Katsu and the others and explained that he could transform into a Kamen Rider. Agito then gives them some command cards telling them to defeat enemies and free the city of Vestoria from Bakugan.

Afterward, the three young boys encounter new characters named Gingka, Gintaro and Ryokan. These three are transformed too and can transform into the more powerful Gosem and Gingka, respectively. Together they form a team to go on a mission to search for the mysterious Gori.

Dimensionally displaced

The Gori is the dimensionally displaced Earthoids that attacked Vestoria. To make matters worse, these creatures are controlled by the Bakugan forces and used as weapons. In order to get rid of the evil forces, the Kamen Riders gathered their transformers and charged at the Gori.

The battle was fierce, with both sides causing considerable damage to the opposing side. The real problem came when one of the brawlers transforms into a giant named Bakugan Brawler and begins destroying the town.

Decided to transform

To save the town, the Gomi Boys decided to transform into the strongest Brawler and join forces with the other riders. With the help of the other riders, the Gomi transformed and took on the strength of the giant robot. This turned out to be a good thing for the boys, since the Bakugan couldn’t touch them.

With this new strengthened group of brawlers, the players had to collect more cards in order to get enough power to turn the tide of the battle in favor of the Kamen Rider: City Wars team. The Gomi Boys, Gomus, Taku and Bakugan Brawler were used to clear the way for the Kamen Rider: City Wars boys to reach the Bakugan arena and collect enough energy to activate the giant Bakugan to turn into a powerful form.


The strongest of the three Bakugan is the Ryuki. It has the ability to negate the effects of any attacks or abilities that are brought against it, which makes it great as an all-around brawler. The Ryuki can also perform a spinning reversal maneuver called the Shurikomi, where it flips itself over and uses its legs to move in a circular pattern. The action card that allows the Ryuki to perform this is named the Spirit Ring, which is only obtainable through the release of the Special Ability: Double Sze Bonus.

While performing

Other notable Bakugan include the Bakugan Brawler, Bakugan Shield, and the Bakugan Gatling. The Brawler is the strongest of the three and can also perform a powerful stomp that causes great damage. The Brawler can use the attack card Shurikomi to flip itself over and defend itself while performing a powerful stomp on the opponent.

The Bakugan Gatling is the heaviest of the three, and is often used in place of the Brawler when there is not enough room in the field to use the other two. The Gatling has the ability to attack opponents directly and can also perform the reverse shurikomi technique.


In the anime, the Kamen Rider: City Wars sets use dual action cards. These are referred to as the “Shakan.” These allow the player to collect more material during their turn than they expend during their movement. This allows them to build up more power for use in their next attack. There are ten known shakan, and players must collect all of them to have a complete deck. Players may form teams to face off against stronger opponents or they can go head to head in individual duels.

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