Last Day on Earth Mod Apk 1.19.4 (Main Menu, All Unlocked, Free Craft)

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

Last day on Earth is a free zombies game, zombie survival, sandbox, and adventure, and it’s one of the very best action survival apps for mobiles. You have to survive the night and find out the truth behind the events that have happened around your town. In this game, you don’t have any weapons, you have only radio and flashlight, and you’re definitely alone [February-14-2023].

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Additional Information

App Name Last Day on Earth Mod Apk
Publisher Apkbix
Genre Action
Size Varies with device
Latest Version 1.19.4
MOD Features Many Features
Developer Kefir!
Content Rating Rated for 16+ Strong Violence
Requires 5.0 and up
Get it On Get it on
Google Play
Updated January 18, 2023 (1 Day ago)

Key features of Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

Now, in order to survive, you need to recruit several survivors, get rid of zombies, and discover more about the situation around the town. You will learn many things while playing Last Day on Earth Mod, from the name of Sector 7 which is the name of a real place in Texas to the fact that zombies appear in different parts of Texas. Zombie survival games also include other features like the zombie code and the panic button.

The last day on earth mod apk allows players to experience real-life horror by becoming a part of a company that protects humans from zombies. When the zombie’s attack, the only defense is the company’s advanced weapons, sentry guns, and other heavy weapons.

Enjoyed by all

Players can fight against the zombies all by themselves or with the help of a group of their friends. Survival of the fittest can be enjoyed by all ages with great animations and effects, various weapon skills, special moves, and strategies for each level.

This game requires a strategy to get through each level as fast as possible while providing a challenging yet fair-play experience for all. You’ll earn credits by harvesting crops and using them to purchase crates for your survival and combating zombies in the level.

FPS shooter game

This is a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game with a storyline-driven mission. You play as Michael, who survived a plane crash and has been taken as a survivor to the center of the planet. The center is occupied by zombies, who are resourceful and hungry for human flesh.

Your sole aim in this game is to survive as long as possible and learn about the world around you and the few remaining survivors. The emphasis is on real-life survival situations and the player gets to choose his own adventure while playing the game.


The storyline revolves around a lone surviving member of a research team that was attempting to complete research based on radiation levels in the last day on earth. Michael survived but needs to gather other survivors in order to continue his research; otherwise, the radiation level will overtake the entire planet.

Other survivors include his cousin, a robot, an old woman, and his friend/sidekick, Deka. They are not alone however as they find themselves trapped underground with a band of zombies who seem bent on wiping out everyone who does not survive their initial onslaught. The player is allowed a limited amount of time to rescue everyone and has a few ‘last day on earth’ levels to survive before the zombies consume the remaining humans.


While most of the aspects of the gameplay are similar to more modern survival games, the storyline provides a unique angle for players to enjoy. The tale is told through flashbacks, which take players back to the last day on earth and Michael’s personal struggle to remain alive.

Other elements include a variety of challenges, which are not common to the genre, and one that can be enjoyed by both hardcore survival enthusiasts and casual gamers. It is interesting to see how zombie games will evolve in the future and whether or not they will remain focused on the usual daytime survival theme. A lot of thought goes into the story and the gameplay and it looks as if developers may have finally hit the nail on the head with their latest offering.

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