Last Pirate Survival Island Adventure APK (MOD, Immortality/Money)


Last Pirate Adventures is one of the most exciting pirate-themed games that can be found on the Android Market. After you download and install Last Pirate to your PC (or any other Linux/UNIX-based computer), you immediately begin to play a unique and captivating virtual fishing adventure [February-14-2023].

You have to learn to survive among the hazards and dangers of an island filled with sharks, pirates, and giant squid. If you want to survive long enough to complete the game, then you better get a hold of some Last Pirate modding tools.

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Island Adventure

Last Pirate Survival Island Adventure is the type of survival crafting game that you take your time with in the beginning, but once you are immersed in the game, fighting becomes very important. Just think: you are on a deserted island, with no boat and no means of communication, and an unknown animal suddenly shows up at your shelter looking to prey on you.


Suddenly you realize that your life could depend on what happens next. In Last Pirate Survival Island Adventure, you have to make use of a variety of weapons and items to take down your new enemy and save yourself from certain death.

Tells a story

One of the best things about Last Pirate is that it tells a story that plays out over multiple levels. Last Pirate Adventures starts with you as a small boy who has to pick up his father aboard the sailing ship “Resolution.”


But when your father is taken away by the evil captain, your only way of escape is to sneak aboard his ship and flee to an island paradise called St Ann. Although you are not a master sailor yet, there are a variety of helpful characters that will help you along your journey.

Group of children

The storyline Last Pirate Adventures revolves around a group of children who find themselves stranded on an island called St Ann after their sailing ship crashes on a mysterious island. There, they learn that their father was a notorious pirate and that he was also the last pirate standing.


The children start to become extremely suspicious of each other, believing that someone must be behind this whole situation. The children start to draw closer to each other and are forced to work as a team if they want to survive.

Happens to be the son

Last Pirate Adventure is the story of a boy named Evan, who happens to be the son of the last pirate on earth. He managed to get away from his father and his captors and made his way to the island of St Ann where he found a new home.


There, however, the evil captain Rascal finds out that Evan is actually his son and tries to kill him. To make things even more complicated, he tries to poison his father’s tea. Last Pirate Adventure tells the story of how a middle-aged buccaneer tries to stop this from happening.



Last Pirate Adventure is one of the most loved movies of all time. It tells the story of a boy who barely reaches middle school and ends up turning into a man of strength because of the men he meets on his journey to become the greatest pirate in the world.

It is also a great family film directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Matt Damon as the main character, Matt Lobster as a cute sidekick, and Morgan Freeman as the evil Captain. Last Pirate Adventure is a definite must-see film…

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