Legend Heroes Arrival Mod Apk v1.2.4 (Unlimited coins/Money)


Legend-Heroes Arrival is now one of the hottest names of the age with its exciting line of heroes in a variety of universes. This is the very first product of qiuxin shi with tons of their unique heart placed into it. With an amazing capacity of 450MB, it’s a great pick with lots of character design; not too boring. With a consistent story line, different settings and fantastic endings, this Legend-Heroes Arrival apk is the perfect pick for any internet user [February-14-2023].

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Called Skulls

The story of Legend Heroes Arrival starts when Yuusuke Tozawa tries to rescue his grandmother from the clutches of a sinister organization called Skulls. Using his newly formed friendship with Chun Li, he easily defeats the enemies and becomes a hero.

With the help of his friends, he also defeats other villains and brings Chun Li to justice. As the series progresses, we see that Yuusuke is growing more powerful as a hero. In the later volumes, we find that he needs to work harder to save the world.

Secret society

The premise of Legend-Heroes Arrival revolves around a secret society named the Yuusuke-Ginseng Association. Here, master warriors from all over the world have assembled. With the use of special corsages and energy controlling gadgets, they are able to turn the tide of battle in their favour. As the series progresses, we find more of the members joining and becoming legends themselves.

Master of Metal

The secret society is led by the evil Master of Metal, Shinto Katsuhiro. He wants to rule the world using his metal cult and transformed his followers into fighting machines. Yuusuke, Chun Li, and others join together and form the Hero’s Force. This group of young heroes eventually falls under the command of Natsu, a young female .

Protect the world

Natsu is assigned to protect the world from Shao Lin, who is planning to destroy the world by using his newest invention, a robot known as Dragon. Natsu and the other heroines of Legend-Heroes Arrival must work together if they are to defeat this enemy.

The story focuses mainly on their struggles against Shao Lin and his henchmen. The art of Yuusuke Tozawa also shows a side of him that we don’t normally see in his drawings for most of his career.

Games Showcases

Legend-Heroes Arrival has won a number of awards since its release, including an American cartoon show contest and several Video Games Showcases. It has also spawned four sequels, the latest of which is Legend-Heroes Rising.

The first movie of the series, Legend-Heroes Chapter II: The Power of friendship, was released in the United Kingdom in March of 2021.

Anime series

This series is different from most Japanese Anime series in that it explores a very dramatic and mature subject. Due to its mature subject matter, many people compare it to the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Many adults who have not read anything about Shinto might be unfamiliar with it, while children might not find it too heavy or disturbing.

However, the themes and style of storytelling in this series are very appealing to all audiences, and it draws in a large number of fans. Some of the episodes do have some language, and there are even some brief mentions of questionable topics, but these are not things that will make Legend-Heroes Arrival loses its rating.


Legend-Heroes Arrival has received mixed reviews from critics, however, most are pleased with its graphics and artwork. A few people have commented that the voice acting seems a little rushed, but most viewers have commented that the voice acting is quite good. Due to its mature theme, and video game tie-in, Legend-Heroes Arrival could end up being rather popular.

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