Magic Rush Heroes Mod Apk (MOD, Latest, Unlimited Daimonds)


Magic Rush Heroes is easily the best online tower defence game that supports up to four teams. Play as the Magician and defend your towers against the enemies’ attacks! Construct your own tower defence using the popular magic rush heroes mod!

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Exciting features

The magic rush heroes mod apk includes a number of exciting features such as unlimited power ups, game score boosting, amazing new mini-games, leader boards and much more. This amazing mod pack not only adds exciting new content to your game but also helps you in your quest to level up fast.

Just like any other top games, the mod packs tons of exciting items and content to increase the enjoyment and thrill of the game. The mod is free to download. It is available for both desktop and online players.

Amazing array

Magic Rush Heroes features an amazing array of tower defense games such as Defence of castle Crumble, Boulder towers defense, Castle Panic, Dr. Darkkan’s Castle, Elite Spell Digger, maze elimination and many more. Each game comes complete with high definition screens and superb audio tracks.

There are four hero classes in the game and each class is different from the others. The heroes have their own special skills, powers and weapons to use to fight off the waves of attackers. However, these same heroes are vulnerable to attacks made by the bottom enemies.

Enemy to save

The goal of the game is simple, get every last pixel and energy from every enemy to save the princess. The entire game is about defense and stamina building, especially for the newer players who haven’t played much tower defense games. The newbies can choose from several characters such as Princess Sally, Bob the Builder, Tinkerbell, Donald Duck, etc. Each character has its own skills, abilities and weapons to use.

Play it right

One great thing about the game is that you can play it right from your desktop. You don’t need any downloads to connect to the server. Simply click on the “Magic Rush” icon from your start menu and start playing.

Using the mouse or keyboard, you’ll aim your archers (lightning arrows) at the various enemy positions to shoot down the flying creatures. There are no inventory items in this real-time tower defence game so you need to be resourceful.

Started the game

Once you’ve started the game, you start off by selecting one of four heroes. You can switch between them whenever you want. There is also a helpful mini game on the lower part of your game screen that teaches you which hero to use during a battle. For instance, if you’re using Bob as your hero, the game will indicate to you which skill you need to focus on during the fight. This helps you control your hero better before the battle starts.

Baby and Princess

The four available heroes in Magic Rush Heroes are Fat Princess, Captain Jack, Baby and Princess. There is also a boss fight against an elite enemy called the Eater of Dreams. The enemies fire energy balls that explode when they land on a particular hero.

So you have to keep watching out for these energy balls and eliminate them quickly to win the battle. You can also buy more weapons for each hero that can be obtained as you progress through the game as well.


The tower defence games require strategic thinking and quick reflexes. In this one, you’ll need to use your wits and strategic thinking to overcome the enemies. You’ll also notice that most of the time, you’ll have limited resources and health. So you better be quick with your decisions and actions to get through the battle and win the battle against the enemies.

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