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Space Armada: Galaxy Wars Mod Apk 2.2.426 (Features, Unlimited Money)

Space Armada is an exciting three-dimensional space combat game. It mixes the finest aspects of first-person shooters with true-to-life 3D graphics and an aggressive pace of play. You will see a fleet of spaceships being engaged by an endless swarm of enemy vessels. You’ll also have a persistent enemy to fight, who will continually close in and try to overwhelm you. The action is always unfolding around you, as you direct your ship through hazardous wormholes and engage in pitched dogfights with other spaceships [February-14-2023].

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Invaders series of games

Space Armada is developed by Cryptic Studios, makers of the popular Space invaders series of games. This mod is the ultimate expansion pack for Space Invaders: Earthrise. The Space Armada mod features new space battles, wormholes, star battles, improved resources, re-designed missions, and balance tweaks. It also has a multitude of multiplayer game replicas, including classic Space Invaders and the newer Space Breakers, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of Space Armada.

Sophisticated display

The Space Armada mod uses the Havoc Physics Engine, which is similar to the one used in the classic Space Invaders for the PC. This means that when you attack your enemies in Space Armada, they are damaged, and you must repair them. The Space Armada battle screen uses a sophisticated display system that allows you to view all of your ships on detailed maps. These detailed maps give you a sense of the scale of the various spaceships in your fleet, and the ability to accurately attack and defend your craft.

Species of space

Space Armada includes many achievements and accolades, which make it one of the most popular games on Facebook. You start out by selecting a base and then selecting your species of space armada. You then choose your armada type, such as destroyers, fighters, or patrol vessels. Next, you choose your upgrades and assign your crew to those specific roles. You then select your missions and begin your Space Armada adventures.

Multiplayer games

Unlike most multiplayer games, the Space Armada mod allows you to create a galaxy and send your own ships there. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to do whatever you wish for your own galaxy. If you want to explore distant star systems or seek out mysterious alien races, then you have the ability to do so. Likewise, if you wish to engage in some dogfights with other players, or go head-to-head in space battles, then you can do so as well.

Your fleet grows

Throughout your Space Armada experience, you will notice that your fleet grows. This is because you are defending space bases from attacks by other players or protecting the space armada from enemy attack. Eventually, your small cruiser will develop wings and fly off to find more enemy ships to engage. As the game progresses, you will see more starships joining your Galactic Fleet. It won’t be long until your small cruiser is part of a great fleet, and you are going to command an entire armada of vessels, which will turn the tide of war in your favor.

Earn credits

Another thing that Space Armada modifies in the Space Armada package is how you earn credits. Instead of earning credits by destroying enemy vessels in space battles, as you do in traditional space combat games, you now earn credits by winning battles. Thus, instead of simply sending your ships into space to engage in battle, you can actually buy your enemy’s ship and repair it before you send it into battle again. The Space Armada mod also makes the resources earned from repairing your enemy ship more powerful. Thus, it’s a good mod if you like to see your research projects pay off.


If you don’t care about winning fights and just want to keep your capital ships alive for a long time, you can use the Space Armada mod to make them last longer. You can purchase upgrades for your capital ships that can protect them from enemy fire or resupply them with heavy weapons. Space Armada mod is a great addition to any space combat fan’s collection. Although it doesn’t add real strategy to the game, it sure makes the game more fun and exciting. After downloading Space Armada, you can be assured that you’ll never be caught without a space fleet again.


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