Cooking Simulator Mobile mod apk MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) Free Download

Cooking Simulator Mobile: Modern Kitchen & Cooking Game are an application for mobile devices. The application gives you the opportunity to play as if you are a professional chef. You can select from a variety of recipes and select from the hundreds of available recipes. You can make use of the most modern tools like the electric mortar and pestle. All these tools will help you prepare the best meals that you want to prepare.

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 Game Play

Cooking Simulator Mobile: Modern Kitchen & Cooking Game offer the chef the chance to apply various techniques to prepare exciting and mouthwatering dishes right on the run. This application offers the user the ability to select from hundreds of available recipes and prepare any dish that he or she desires. In this game, the chef is in the kitchen preparing some delicious and mouthwatering dishes.

Cooking tools

The user can use the various cooking tools like the electric mortar and pestle, waffle makers, microwave ovens, food processors, cutlery, ice machines, blender, food mills etc to prepare the best meals that your guests will love to eat. A popular cooking simulator, it lets the user prepare the favorite and healthy recipes.

Different ingredients

You can also use the cooking simulator mobile to practice different recipes to prepare different dishes. The use of different ingredients will help you learn to prepare unique and tasty dishes that you cannot get from books. You can choose from different recipes like seafood, poultry, Vegetables, Shellfish, Meat, Fruits and much more. The different recipes allow you to select from the best ingredients available.


To prepare these recipes you just need to select the dish, then place the required ingredients that are on the bottom of the screen. After selecting the ingredients you can now start the cooking process by clicking on the ‘cooked’ icon and wait for the food to be cooked successfully. Once the dish is cooked, you can then view the details about the dish on the Cooking Simulator Mobile interface. You can also try to cook real life dishes to increase your cooking skills. Try out the recipes of your favorite restaurants to experience the real-life taste of dining with friends and family in the comfort of your home.

Real-life taste

Cooking Simulator Mobile offers a wide range of appetizing dishes that allows you to select from the hundreds of options available. To play the cooking game, you need to purchase the Cooking Simulator Mobile Mod and then download it to your phone. After downloading the mod you should register it on your Facebook account. You can then access the Cooking Simulator Mobile online using your Facebook account to register your cooking skills. The game provides an endless chance to you to enjoy preparing exciting and appetizing dishes.


The cooking simulator mobile also offers a set of features that allow the user to select from thousands of available dishes and prepare their preferred dishes. This includes usage of the various kitchen utensils and appliances, usage of refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and microwaves, use of stoves and boilers and much more. When the user wants to try out a new dish he/she can select a favorite dish from the list of dishes and then prepare it using the appropriate appliances. The user can also modify the ingredients of the dishes easily according to his/her taste.

Ending line

If you are tired of eating the same food every day then you can buy or cook new and innovative food that will surely surprise your friends and family. So, if you want to experience a real life simulation then buy and download the Cooking Simulator Mobile to your phone today and enjoy a taste of the modern era.

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