Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem Apk 54.1.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Although it had been a contest between tanks, there wasn’t any violent or offensive image released. So, we will just enjoy the pictures of Pico Tanks, which are capable of doing great damage without any violence. Pico Tanks have lots of fans around the globe. If you don’t want to take them for granted, then you should definitely get them for your entertainment needs [February-14-2023].

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Incorporate some more clumsy movement when going through the battlefield. Great for all ages; from young to old, to enjoy Pico Tanks as one of the multiplayer mayhem on Android devices. Enjoy the latest Pico Tanks mod.

Tanks perform

With the Pico Tanks mod, you can see how the tanks perform and how they move while playing this amazing tank game. You can try various game modes to find out which mode suits your taste and interest. Try the Attack mode against the enemy vehicles.

This is where you have to destroy all the enemy targets while you can move freely. The enemies can be repaired after a certain amount of time and if you are out of ammo, you will have to restart the whole game mode.

Include the Story

The Pico Tanks mod has four game modes, which include the Story, Endless and Multiplayer modes. In the story mode, you have to survive against the Pico Tanks and their allies who are trying to attack your base. You have to help them to reach the goal by destroying all their tanks and other enemy units. In the Endless mode, you have to defend the Pico Tanks and their allies who are continuously being attacked.

Hesitating play

If you want to test your skills with the Pico Tanks mod, you can select the Story mode and without hesitating play against some of your friends or entertain your family. The mod provides an easy-to-install and run interface that lets you select your tanks and their Pico Tanks in two color themes. You can change the colors according to the occasion. Other features like achievements and online feedback can be monitored from the main menu.

Exciting games

For the players who do not wish to play against others or want to have some exciting games on their mobile devices, the Pico Tanks APK file can be downloaded free from the official Google Android marketplace. It is an application that allows users to play exciting games on their mobile devices. With this application, you can make use of the text messaging facility along with the normal SMS functions to send text messages to your friends.

The text messaging facility allows you to share your latest picture or the newest news with your friends and loved ones. Since it is an enjoyable game and you can also invite your friends to participate in the game through various communication tools, it can act as a social network for the young generation. You can also invite your friends to play the game and help them gain new skills by winning the exciting Pico Tanks game.

Dimensional view

The Pico Tanks mod helps you to build up your Pico Tanks in a three-dimensional view and create unique strategies to beat your opponents. While playing you should keep in mind the fact that you have to destroy all the opponents’ tanks and vehicles before they reach the pit.

This game has a multiplayer mode and if you are interested in competing with other players you should opt for the versus multiplayer chaos option. The other exciting features of this multiplayer mayhem are the advanced scoring system and the adjustable game speed.

If you wish to test your mettle against some of your friends and relatives you can opt for the split screen option and pit your tanks against the opponents of different regions and nations.


The Pico Tanks mod has an extensive range of weapons and abilities that will help you annihilate your enemies. There are various battle strategies and game modes available in the multiplayer mayhem. The popular game modes include all time classic capture the flag game mode, the offense/defense match, the defense/offense game mode and the tank battle game mode. The exciting Pico Tanks mod is developed by the award-winning studio Crave Entertainment and it offers an exciting multiplayer mayhem experience for the users.

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