plague inc apk v1.18.7 Free Download For Android


A world revolutionary game plague inc apk which inspire the world through forecasting of a virus .in this game player create a virus to affect the human being to reduce the population. plague inc is a real strategy video game which develops by Ndemic creation.


In this game, people can get defense steps to protect themselves from pandemics and only the strongest people can survive.

plague inc apk is a fantastic and addictive game nobody can leave for playing this game. This game is downloaded by more than 85 million these numbers figures not less than the award. plague inc is a high-rating game in the gaming world and win an award in 2012.

This outstanding game can be paly on all small devices android pc and laptop .when player play this game he became crazy and consider himself as a God and all situation is in his hand like who has to die and who have to like.

This game is the winner game of the Year no other can get a high rating and fame such as this game. That’s such a heart-touching game.

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Additional Information

app name plague inc
Developer Miniclip
category simulation
Version 1.18.7
Requirement Android, ios
Size 76.0MB
engine unity


In this game, there are three types of levels that are up to you which you want to select.
1 easy mode
3 medium
2 hard
All levels are different from each other in easy mode doctors are not faster to research and invent an antivirus

Evolve the virus

When the govt of the country ty to control the disease and try to prepare the antivirus then the player has to use his mind and evolve the virus to destroy the world more powerfully than before.

Type of virus

There are many types of the virus that comes to know after plague inc apk that can be bacteria, parasites, etc there viruses affect the to human by different ways and different parts of the people .some viruses is more dangerous than other.

Features of plague inc premium apk

  • Highly realistic based game with advance AI
  • This virus affected more than 50 countries.
  • Complete unlock plague inc app.
  • Ads-free app.
  • Players to win the game have used 12 diseases to infect the people.
  • This virus infects more than 50 countries and million peoples. It is like COVID 19.


Can you get Plague Inc for free?
Plague inc app is 100% free to install and download.
Is Plague Inc on mobile?
yes, we can play this game on android, ios ad laptop.
Is Plague Inc offline?
This game is in which 10  games can be played offline on android.

How to Install and Download

Are you excited to install and download this fantastic game so what are you thinking let’s start the step and get this outstanding game on your Android freely?
  • This game is not available in one country which uses all over the world and get a lot of game.
  • Now we start the steps, how we can install and download it?
  •  Tap on the downloading link which is given in the article.
  •  After downloading the app you to install it.
  • The install option is on your screen.
  •  Click on it.
  • This game will install in few minutes.
  • Now, All process is done.
Now you can enjoy this game.

Conclusion of plague inc evolved apk

plague inc apk is a world eye conic game nobody can control their heard to playing this game. plague inc game is all around a virus which is spread by the player in the world to effects the human beings to reduce the population. Everything is in the player’s hand who’s has lived and who has to die. In this game, only stronger people live. When Govt tries to invent antivirus then the player destroys the world by using the more powerful virus. In this way level-ups.

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